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Definition Of Marmas

"Marmas Are Some Special Vital Points In Our Body"

Ayurvedic Marmas-107 / Tamil Marmas-Ayurvedic Marmas-107 / Tamil Marmas-108


  • Immediate relief
  • Acts as fast first aids
  • Cost effective-cheap
  • Can save the life of the patient in critical moments
  • Procedure is simple if you are an expert
  • Marma techniques and therapies are highly effective and cost effective in neuromuscular disorders
  • Still there is relevence of Marma therapy in neuromuscular disorders
  • The Marma abhigata or complication of vehicle accidents, violences and other causes can be treated very easly with Marma therapy
  • We can reduce future complications and diabaties with Marma therapy
  • The rehabilation period is very less compring to other systems with marma therapy

So we want to practice , propagate and improve Marma therapy

Marma Techniques

Marma Bandages

Marma Foot Massage

kalari and Marmas